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Career Paths for Finance Majors – Simplified finance career

在本视频中,您将学习本科生的 4 个主要金融类别。 为金融专业的您解释和简化了最受欢迎的职业道路。 在这里查看完整的帖子!。

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Career Paths for Finance Majors - Simplified

Career Paths for Finance Majors – Simplified

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Career Paths for Finance Majors – Simplified
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32 thoughts on “Career Paths for Finance Majors – Simplified finance career”

  1. If I'm interested in going into Corporate Finance(specifically the Corporate Accounting and internal Audit side) what major would be better in that situation a Major in Accounting or a Major in Finance? Or can a finance major do the corporate accounting and internal audit? @the finance major.

  2. Hi so im going into my sophomore year of college as a finance major. Ever since jr year of highschool i knew i wanted to do finance because i like money management and math and all that typa stuff. But im not rly a people oriented person and pretty introverted. Should i change majors or is there still hope for me?

    Great video btw, you got a new subscriber 🙂

  3. i am finishing my BBA next year and i am very interested in the wealth and investment management.. and planning on getting a masters in Finance i am currently 24 and by the time i finish my masters i would be 27 do you think it would be helpful ?

  4. Hey, wonderful video. I am in my junior year, pursuing finance. I had a question. Which finance careers require Great Accounting skills. I am not good at accounting, just like some ppl aren’t good w maths. Please can u suggest. Also, how should one approach and what all internship jobs are there for entry level finance internship and what all skills do i need for internship ?

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  6. Hey, Bro , I am not great at Maths and Accounts, My fav subject is business and finance. So what do suggest me to do as a career? right now I am doing B.Com in Manipal Dubai

    What Career Should i go with ( name of a job ) And yeah talking about dream job , i like travelling and convincing people .

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