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How To Connect & Mirror Your Iphoneipad Screen To Mactv [All Steps]? The 20 Detailed Answer

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Screen mirroring technology is really a great feature used in the world today. But sometimes we really don’t know how to do it properly. So, if you are new or don’t know how to connect iPhone/iPad to Macbook or Smart TV, this article is for you. Here we will explore the best steps (all possible ways) to connect your iPhone to any Mac device or Smart/Normal/Apple TV for quick screen mirroring. We’ll start with the steps for Mac devices first (iPhone to Mac device screen mirroring), and later we’ll focus further on the steps for iPhone to Smart/Regular/Apple TV screen mirroring. So relax and keep reading.

What Is Screen Mirroring In iPhone ? 

We all love sharing the small screen of our mobile device with any large screen like an Apple TV or Macbook. Screen mirroring technology was developed for the same purpose. With this advanced (not so new!) method, you can easily cast/cast your iPhone screen wirelessly (connected via WiFi) to any TV or Mac device. With screen mirroring, you can go live, record your iPhone screen (for video recordings or tutorials), or play mobile games on the big screen, watch Hulu/movies/web shows on the big screen, and many other things. In short, we can conclude that screen mirroring technology is a way to share/record iPhone small screen on big screen like Macbook/Smart TV. This is done wirelessly (no wires or wires). This is basically for seeing the small screen on any big screen (definitely more clear and visible).

How To Do Screen Mirroring In Your iPhone ? (Connect iPhone To Other Devices !!)

You can easily do screen mirroring in your iPhone, the technology is already built into your iPhone. You can still use third-party apps to mirror your iPhone screen if you want (but third-party apps are not recommended). Now we will look at the steps to share your iPhone screen to Macbook and later on to easily mirror/cast your iPhone content screen to any Apple TV/Smart/Normal TV. For some of these methods, we need a wired connection. Also keep in mind that if you use a cable to connect your iPhone to any device for screen mirroring, you’re sure to get the best results in terms of clarity and detail (latency when transferring data from iPhone to another device via cable/ very little delay).

How To Mirror Your iPhone Screen To Any Mac Device ? (Connect iPhone To Mac Device !! )

Whenever you share your iPhone screen with another device that is also Apple (any device in the Apple ecosystem), the process becomes easier and less cumbersome (because it syncs quickly). Now let’s see the steps to mirror the screen of iPhone device to Mac device. Also keep in mind that there are many ways to do this. Here, we’ll detail the best approach and present the pros and cons of each. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into our first topic.

Steps To Connect & Mirror Your iPhone/iPad Screen To Any Mac Device Quickly !! (Free Method)

First, let’s look at the steps required to perform screen sharing using QuickTime Player, a native Apple application. I hope you already know this app. Finally, you can use this app to record your iPhone screen. One of the best things here is that the recording quality here is the best. You can view your iPhone screen in portrait or landscape mode (switching between views can cause lag and even hinder your screen recording).

Steps To Connect & Share Your iPhone (or any iOS) Screen To Mac Device Using QuickTime Player !!

As discussed above about this application, let’s now look at the steps. Just follow these steps carefully: 1. Go ahead and launch QuickTime Player on your Mac device (either from the Applications folder or by doing a Spotlight search). Note: For whatever reason, if you don’t already have QuickTime on your Mac, you can download the same from this link: Download QuickTime Payer For Mac 2. Now connect your iPhone to your Mac using a Lightning cable 4 Select the new movie capture option and it should now recognize your iPhone device (by default you can see your Mac’s camera window). Note: If QuickTime doesn’t recognize your device, go ahead and click the Options drop-down menu (next to the Record button), then select your iPhone’s name from the list. Then go to full screen view and all goes well. (Even in your iPhone, only allow all notifications like “Trust this device.”) Your iOS device must also be unlocked during this time. Pros: Totally free, video quality will be amazing (since it uses cable). Cons: Requires a Lightning cable (your iPhone should always be connected), and this only supports Mac OS devices (no mercy for Windows folks now!!).

How To Mirror Your iOS Device Screen Wirelessly To PC/Mac Device  ? (Pa Method)

Now is the time to explore advanced screen mirroring options. While some apps can handle your screen mirroring quite satisfactorily, we’ll use the best of them (personal choice) for now. You can continue to download the application “Reflector” on your PC (Windows) or Mac device. This does not require cables, but an active WiFi network. Just follow these steps to record your iPhone screen on your Mac screen (wireless with Reflector): 1. First install the Reflector app on your Mac/PC. Download Reflector 3 from here (free trial first) 2. Connect your iPhone and computer to the same wireless network (Wi-Fi network). Center” and select that option (then enter the code correctly in your iPhone). Otherwise, swipe up to the Control Center (in older versions) Mac device name, it will pair, and you can view your 6. This works seamlessly in portrait and landscape mode with no lag. You can even use it to record your iPhone screen (you can set the quality of the video/ 7. To stop mirroring again, just tap the screen mirroring option, and then tap the “Stop Mirroring” option in the iPhone Control Center. So with this option, you can easily do screen mirroring, live streaming, screen recording, etc. . You can also use “Reflector” with Google Chromecast, AirPlay, etc. Pros: Wireless and advanced features to record your screen An existing mirroring app that can be used in place of the above options is “AirServer”. This is really better than ” Reflector” software is a bit more expensive and more advanced. (You can also use these to connect your iPhone to a Mac/PC) You can even use the built-in native iOS app “AirPlay” along with this “Reflector” app to mirror your iPhone Screen. Just tap the Airplay option in Control Center to enjoy the display of your iPhone’s small screen on your big TV.

How To Connect Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Screen To Any Apple TV / Smart / Normal TV  ?

Now it’s time for us to learn the steps to share iPhone screen to TV. Whether you have an Apple TV or another brand of TV (smart or regular). For this, it is important to understand that your iPhone/iPad does not have a built-in app, but you will need to purchase additional screen sharing hardware to do this. First, let’s see how to share your iPhone content to your Apple TV (the easiest one of them all).

How To Do Screen Mirroring Of Your iPhone (or any iOS device) To Any Apple TV ?

Before proceeding with screen sharing, make sure everything is updated from the OS page (the software version in your iPhone and Apple TV needs to be updated). Also, you should connect both devices to the same WiFi network. (No software download required) Follow these steps: 1. Go to Control Center on your iPhone. 2. From the Control Center, tap the Screen Mirroring option. 3. A window will appear with a list of different devices (available options), choose the name of your Apple TV (default is “Apple TV”) 5. After verifying the code, you can see all visible content on your Apple TV screen (similar to your iOS device’s screen). To stream content from iPhone/iPad to Apple TV, you need a strong WiFi connection. Mirroring is not possible even if you are not connected to the internet at all. Even if the internet on your iPad/iPhone is turned on and not connected to your Apple TV, you can still mirror your iOS device screen, but you cannot stream content from iPhone to Apple TV.

How To Connect & Mirror Your iPad/iPhone Device Screen To Any Smart TV ?

Now, if you want to share your iPhone screen with other brands (Samsung/Sony/LG etc.) smart TV, the steps are a bit cumbersome. As we saw in the Apple TV case above, things aren’t quite that simple. So, if you have different brands of Smart TV, just follow the steps below: Note: First, connect your iPhone and your Smart TV to the same WiFi network 1. First, we will use a third-party app iMediaShare App Apple App shop. 2. Install the app (free app) in your iPhone 3. Then you will see some categories where you can see folders like photos, videos, music, local network, etc. 4. So you can only download from your Mirror the above on your smart TV for your iPhone 5. Select the videos/songs/photos you want to watch on your big screen TV 6. Then tap “Done” at the top of the iPhone screen, then the next screen will appear, prompting ” 7. Select Your “Smart TV” name and then allow any notifications to appear on your TV screen (if any). With this method, you can wirelessly share almost anything from your iPhone to your Smart TV. Now let’s look at another A 3rd party app that allows you to connect and share your iPhone content with your smart TV big screen. The next app is “ApowerMirror”. You need to go to your apple app store and search for this free app. Then Install it on your iPhone. After installing the app, just follow these steps on your iPhone: You can download it here. 1. Open Google Play Store on your smart TV. Download the same app to your Smart TV. 2. Open ApowerMirror on your TV, select the “Screen Mirroring” option. Note: Before this step, remember to connect both devices to the same WiFi network. 3. Tap on your iPhone and launch the app. 4. Tap the “Screen Mirroring” icon at the bottom center of your iPhone screen. 5. It will now start searching for nearby devices. 6. Once you see the name of your Smart TV, tap it to select it. 7. Select the “Phone Screen Mirroring” option. 8. Turn on iPhone Screen Mirroring in Control Center (select your TV here). The last method is about the “AirPlay” feature on your Smart TV. One of the biggest drawbacks Yes your TV must support “AirPlay” feature. Only a few latest generation (latest) TVs support “AirPlay” feature. So if you’re lucky, try this feature. Just follow the steps below to connect your iPhone to your smart TV (AirPlay is a native iOS app, no need to install any 3rd party app for this connection): Note: Make sure your iPhone and TV are on the same WiFi network – network Open Control Center and tap the Screen Mirroring option, then select The name of your Smart TV. (You should now be able to see your iPhone screen on your TV) 2. Whenever you play a video in YouTube or any other app, just look for the AirPlay icon at the top. 3. Tap icon and select the The TV name displayed in a pop-up window. 4. Enter the “AirPlay Code” displayed on the TV. 5. You can even stream videos online with Netflix, Hulu, etc. via AirPlay.

How To Connect & Mirror Your iPhone Screen  To Any Normal TV ?

If you are using a basic regular TV (no WiFi connection or app) and want to share your iPhone screen content directly on that TV screen. Then you can also follow the two most established techniques. Without wasting time, let’s jump right to our content.

Steps To Connect & Mirror Your iPhone Screen To Your TV Using The HDMI Cable !!

So the first way can be used for any type of TV (smart/basic). So here we will use HDMI cable to connect our iPhone to TV. Also, this is the best way to unlock your iPhone screen (in terms of screen quality). Just follow the steps below to mirror your iPhone screen to your TV screen. 1. Take your HDMI cable (should be long enough) and connect the HDMI connector to your TV’s HDMI port. 2. Connect the USB portion of the cable and plug it into a USB port on the TV. 3. Change the input of the TV (select the HDMI port you are using). 4. Plug the lightning cable into your iPhone, tap the pop-up in the iPhone to trust the device. 5. Your iPhone screen should now appear on your TV screen. NOTE: If you see a blank black screen, please proceed to install the EZCast app from the App Store. The firmware will be updated automatically. 6. After everything goes well, you can mirror your iPhone screen to your TV (watch videos, play games, watch movies, etc.).

Screen Mirroring In iPhone/iPad Using Google Chromecast !!

You can use this option on your TV simply by purchasing a Google Chromecast dongle, and you can easily turn your basic TV into a smart TV. Follow these steps to screen mirror: NOTE: You should have an active WiFi network (set up for your iPhone and dongle) before proceeding with these steps 1. Plug your Chromecast dongle into the HDMI slot on your TV 2 Plug in the Chromecast Plug the power adapter into a power outlet 3. Turn on the TV and select the HDMI slot input where you plugged the Chromecast cable into. 2. Install the Google Home app on your iPhone from the Play Store. 4. Complete the setup process (prove your Gmail address and allow the app to access your Chromecast device). Note: Your TV will display a code that should be the same as the code displayed on your iPhone’s Home app settings screen. Finally, during this setup process, the Chromecast firmware will be updated. 3. Now go to your “YouTube” app and play the video. You can now see a Chromecast icon at the top of your iPhone screen (not just YouTube, in most apps you can see this Chromecast icon to share your screen directly) Note: Not all apps support Chromecast. If you see the rectangular Chromecast icon above it means Chromecast is supported and you can mirror this screen to your TV. Just click the icon and choose the device name. Then select the video and click the “Play” option. Now, when you close the app on your iPhone, the video will still play on your TV screen. You can even lock your phone or tap the Pause icon in Chromecast notifications. To easily mirror your iPhone screen, just open the Google Home app and tap the three horizontal lines on the left. Then click the Cast Screen/Audio option and select your Chromecast device.

Screen Mirroring In iPhone  – Final Wrap Up !!

As shown above, it’s easy to seamlessly connect and share your iPhone screen content to any Mac or TV. However, there are many options to choose from. Above we have only mentioned the best of them. So just go ahead and share your iPhone screen to any Macbook or any big screen device without worry. I hope you really enjoyed this long (and informative) post. Stay tuned for more interesting content in this series. report this ad

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