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How To Transfer Data To Iphone From Any Other Iphoneandroidmac Device Quickly ? The 16 Top Answers

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How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)
How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

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How To Transfer Data From Android To Iphone (2 Free Ways)
How To Transfer Data From Android To Iphone (2 Free Ways)

Spoiler alert – this post is long but fun! ! Buying a new iPhone feels like a communication dream for many of us, and it’s just the beginning of this digital world. Now you might be thinking about losing your old iPhone and buying a new one. Whatever the case, the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of restoring all the old data of the iPhone to this new device. In this article, we will examine various aspects of data exchange between new iPhone and Mac/Andro (or old iPhone) in an easy way. So, you need to follow some basic steps to use your new iPhone for this data transfer. Before diving into each method in this gue, let’s take a look at all the topics we’ll cover here with detailed steps for your reference: How to quickly set up your new iPhone device? How to transfer data from another iPhone device to a new/replacement iPhone (using iCloud/iTunes backup option)? How to transfer data from any Andro device to iPhone (and from iPhone to Andro)? How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud/iTunes (using the new data migration feature)? How to transfer files between Mac and iPhone devices (and vice versa, using AirDrop/wired connection)? We will now cover each of the listed topics separately. All the steps below are useful when you want to transfer data between the above types of devices. (If you want, you can skip any part of the list above to save time.) If you just want to backup and restore your iPhone data, you’ve come to the right place. You can check out the detailed post below on creating/restoring iPhone backups. How to backup iPhone to iCloud (and restore backup to iPhone)? How to backup iPhone to iTunes (and restore backup to iPhone)? Now to understand the process of transferring data to any iPhone, just sit back and move on.

How To Set Up Your New iPhone Quickly ?

Before using (and transferring data) your new iPhone, you must first set up your iOS device. So let’s jump right into the setup process: Note: There are two requirements here: connect to a working internet connection (wifi) and connect your iPhone (old and new) to wifi. Also, turn on the Bluetooth option in the old iPhone (to use the quick start gue). 1. Turn on your new iPhone device and swipe up to view the settings screen. 2. Select the language you want to set. 3. Select a country. 4. Now click Manual Setup on the Quick Start Gue screen. OPTIONS BELOW NOTE: If you have an iPhone/iPad running iOS 11 (or later), bring it close to auto-sign. The Quick Start screen appears on your current (old) device and offers the option to set up a new device with your Apple ID. Make sure the bluetooth option is turned on in the old device. Then place the old iPhone’s camera directly on the new iPhone (scan animation when prompted). Wait for the message Done on the new device to appear. If you can’t use your current device’s camera, tap Manual verification and follow the steps that appear. If you use the above feature, some of the steps below will be skipped because all details have already been synced to your new iPhone. 5. Set up Face ID and set a password. 6. Enter your Apple ID and password, and click “Next”. 7. Navigate to the “Terms and Conditions” page and finally click “Agree”. ‘ for the next screen (Location Services, Screen Time, Set Up Siri, etc.) 9. Then you can finally see the Apps & Data screen with four options as shown below. You need to restore the backup data (from iCloud/iTunes or any Andro device), or you can even set it up as a new device. For the next steps, you must now skip to the next section.

How To Transfer Data To Your New/Alternate iPhone From Some Other iPhone Device ?

Now, to transfer data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone (or another iPhone, if you have factory reset your device), you can use one of the two methods listed below. We have the old and familiar process of creating iPhone backups using iCloud and iTunes options. So here we look at two ways in turn.

How To Transfer Data To Your New iPhone From Any Old/Alternate iPhone Device Using iCloud Backup ?

First, let’s start with the iCloud backup options. Now, here we see the steps to create an iPhone backup from the old iPhone and then restore the backup to the new iPhone from iCloud. So let’s start the iCloud backup process: 1. On your iPhone, tap the Settings app (gear icon) 2. Tap your name (Apple ID) at the top 3. Select iCloud and tap 4. On this screen, You will now see different color symbols to indicate your iCloud storage (the Manage Storage section). Scroll down and tap the “iCloud Backup” option. 5. On the next screen, you will see a toggle to turn your iCloud backup on and off. 6. Toggle the option to the right to toggle the iCloud backup option to On (the option will turn green). 7. In the Start iCloud Backup dialog that pops up, click OK. – Colored text “Backup Now” 8. Click the “Backup Now” option to manually initiate the iCloud backup option. Then the process will begin, which will take some time depending on the iPhone data and file size. (You can also see the estimated time remaining) Finally we are done. Now, you can always use this recently captured backup. Now we move on to the next section, which is H. Restore this iCloud backup using the following steps: Note: You’ll remember that we left abruptly in step 9 (set up the new iPhone section). You can now continue these steps from here. Complete the normal installation steps and reach the Apps & Data screen 1. To set up your Apps & Data (Apps & Data screen), there are different options, but we need to select restore from the options Note: In the above screen, You need to choose how you want to transfer your old Apple device data, if any. After entering your email address and password, your entity will be verified by sending a verification code to another Apple device such as a Macbook, Apple Watch, or old iPhone, etc. After you sign in with your Apple ID, you might be asked to enter your other Apple device’s password. 5. You can now see a screen showing all recent backups (associated with your Apple ID) that can be restored to this iPhone. Additionally, you can view the entire backup list along with the device and OS version next to it. 6. Select and click the latest version of the backup (then click Next in the next few screens). 7. Finally, the recovery process will begin (this may take a few minutes) and restart your iPhone 8. Enter your password, it will take some time to download the app from the App Store (the app data is already in iCloud storage). Once everything is done, you can finally turn on your iPhone device and see the downloaded app icon on your iPhone’s app tray. App data already exists in iCloud storage, only apps are installed from the Apple App Store.

How To Transfer Data To Your New iPhone From Any Old/Alternate iPhone Device Using iTunes ?

Now let’s look at the iTunes backup process. So just follow these steps to transfer iPhone backup to iTunes: 1. Launch the iTunes software application on your desktop PC (any Windows/Linux/Mac device). Follow specific on-screen instructions, such as B. Trust this computer or enter a passcode on your iPhone, etc. You must enter correct credentials. Then you can see your iPhone appear on your computer screen. Close the window and continue. 2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac (computer) via the Lightning connector. 3. Click the small iPhone icon in iTunes (the iPhone icon will appear in the upper left corner). And you can see the “Backup” section in the iPhone details screen on the right (will be stored on this computer and not in iCloud) 6. Now click the “Backup Now” option on the right to manually back up to the booting iPhone . (You can also view the latest available backup in this section) 7. Once the backup process starts, you can see the progress above. Since we dn’t select the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” radio button (explained later), now let’s create an unencrypted backup of your iPhone. 8. This unencrypted backup process will back up everything from your iPhone to your computer, but will not back up “health and activity data” as well as keychain data, other app data, login information, etc. If you backed up your “Health and Activity Data” on your computer, you will need to encrypt your backup. 10. Once the backup process is complete, you can see the date of the last backup in the “Last Backup” section and time. With an encrypted data backup, you can also backup keychain data, health and activity data, app data, login data, etc. Once you restore this encrypted data backup to your iPhone, you don’t need to log into one of them to use those apps again , because these apps are already saved with the logged in (secure) credentials. So if you want to choose the encrypted backup mode, just check the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” option box as shown below. After clicking the Set Password option, iTunes will Start backing up your iPhone data. Also in the future, if you want to create an iTunes backup on your computer, you just have to select the “Backup Now” option and the backup will be encrypted automatically (remember this password). If you want to restore this backup, you will also The encryption password will need to be entered again. The process of restoring this iTunes backup to the new iPhone: Note: You may remember that we stopped abruptly at step 9 (in the setting up the new iPhone section), now you can continue these steps from here. During this process , connect your new iPhone to your desktop computer via the connector. Complete the normal installation steps and reach the Apps & Data screen 1. To set up your Apps & Data (Apps & Data screen), how many 2. Now go to the iTunes application on your computer. 3. In the Backup (Summary) section, click the Restore Backup option on the right. 4. Now you will See a popup where you can select a backup file from the available backups (pro tip: choose the latest/latest one from multiple backup files) 5. Click on the “Restore” option (the encrypted backup option requires you to use 6. After that, your iTunes will start to restore your iPhone from the available iTunes backup. 7. At the same time, you will see a “Recovery in progress” message on your iPhone. 8. Wait for a while , connect your iPhone to your Mac/Computer device network, enter your Apple ID password, etc. (this will automatically update your iCloud settings). That’s it. Then you can see some apps are still downloading from the Apple App Store. The backed up app data is already there, but downloading the app takes time. Once the above process is over, you can move on. Your complete data from the old iPhone will be transferred to this new iPhone.

How to transfer data from any Andro device to iPhone (and also from iPhone to Andro) ?

Now is the time to learn the steps to follow if you have an Andro device. You have deced to switch to a family of iOS devices. Finally, you’ve bought this new iPhone and now you’re wondering how to transfer data from Andro to iPhone device and vice versa.

How to Transfer Data From Andro To iPhone ?

The steps below are for Andro version 4 or higher, iOS version 9 or higher (iPhone 5 or higher). Using this approach, you can basically transfer some specific elements from Andro OS to a completely different iOS OS environment. Specific items mainly include your contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, email accounts, calendars, free apps and their data (also free in the Apple Play Store). Use an active and entical WiFi connection for both devices, i.e. H. Andro and iPhone. If you want to transfer Andro data to an old iPhone device, you need to factory reset this iPhone device (otherwise you need to transfer data manually). Note: Before completing these steps, make sure your iPhone has enough storage to handle the data transfer process from your Andro device. After resetting, set up your iPhone device through the initial screen prompts until you reach the screen. Apps & Data”. Now here you can see the different ways to recover your data. Now follow these steps: NOTE: If you have a new iPhone device, also follow the normal setup process until you get to “Apps & Data” screen (as described in the Setting Up Your New iPhone section above). Now proceed to the following steps. 1. After completing the initial setup process, you are now on the Apps & Data screen as shown below. 2. Tap on the iPhone screen “Move Data from Andro” option (Move to Andro screen should be visible) 3. Now go to Play Store on your Andro device and install “Move to iOS” (safe and secure Andro app) 4. Tap on your iPhone “Next” (the “Move to Andro” screen should take you to the next screen with a 6-digit code) 5. Open the installed Andro app, H. Go to iOS and tap Agree on the Terms of Service screen. 6. Tap Next on the top right corner of the Andro screen. You now see the Andro mobile device on the iPhone device screen 8. Both your device screens should load now, the next option will take some time to appear 9. Now you can When you see the Transfer Data screen on your Andro device, review and select what you want to transfer, then tap Next. 10. When the transfer is complete, you will see the Complete Transfer screen on your Andro device. You can also go here View many other details. 11. On your iPhone screen, you may still see the transfer progress screen, and then eventually switch to a confirmation screen that says “Transfer is complete. iPhone” just continue with the steps to continue setting up your iPhone, and finally click the “Get Started” option. From Andro phone 14. Click “Add App”, now you need to log in with your Apple ID 15. Click “Use Existing Apple ID” and finally the process is over (you can even create a new Apple ID to create) Note: In the above process, you can see that all the apps are displayed (downloaded from the App Store), after a few seconds everything is set and you are ready to go.

How To Transfer Data From iPhone To Andro Mobile Device ?

As seen above we can easily transfer all Andro data from any Andro device to a new iPhone with the help of an app called ‘Move to iOS‘ in the play store . Now you deced to make a switch from iOS device to the Andro OS device . The very next moment you search for the options to transfer iPhone data to your Andro device . Fortunately, the solution is not that complex. But here you may need to spend some few pence out of your pocket depending upon the needs and type of data that you wanna transfer . Here we will see two options or ways to accomplish our requirement . First, we will use one Andro app (from play store), and secondly we will look into one useful software.Before you start exploring the steps , just make sure that you have enough storage space in your Andro mobile . So let us start with our first way , just follow the below steps : Note : Both the methods will be wireless and for the first option there is no need of a computer or your iPhone device too 1. Go to play store and install an app called Mobiletrans (free to download) 2. The app is safe and secure to download , install the app in your Andro device 3. Open the app and tap on ‘Start‘ 4. Then you can see two options , to transfer data by connecting both (using USB) the Andro and iPhone devices to transfer data and the second option is to transfer wireless (using iCloud backup) . 5. So we will select the second option , tap on it 6. Then enter your Apple ID and password in the next screen Note : Make sure you already saved everything in iCloud from your iPhone (already explained the process of taking backup above) 7. Apple sign-in request will be sent to your iPhone , you need to allow it and get the verification code 8. Enter the verification code in your Andro phone now, tap ‘Verify‘ 9. Then you can see all the info and data as saved in your iCloud account will be displayed in your Andro mobile (Calendars , contacts , Photos, Veos, and Reminders) 10. Now one important thing is if you want to use the app for free, you can just transfer photos from iPhone to your Andro phone . If you subscribe for the pa version , then you can get to transfer any/all of the above-mentioned data (yearly subscription is there and it’s pretty cheap) 11. Select the data you want to transfer , tap on ‘Start Importing‘ Wait for some time and finally all done. Exit the app and do check your transferred data . The next process/way is all about one software (specifically meant for any cross/same platform device recovery/transfer/ formatting/repairing etc) .This is also useful for transferring data in between any two mobile devices (iOS/Andro). Download the application ‘iSkysoft Toolbox‘ application , available for Windows and Mac OS . And then follow the below steps : 1. Since we are only interested in the data transfer between devices , just click on the option ‘Switch‘ in the software 2. Connect both the mobiles (in our case one is iPhone and the other one Andro) to your computer via USB cable 3. Allow all the pop-ups that you receive in your mobile devices (trust this computer , secure connection etc) 4.  On the left se, you can see source device (the mobile device from which you want to transfer/send data) , and on the right se you have destination device (the device which will receive the sent data) 5. In our case, we have Source as the iPhone device and destination as the Andro device (you can even flip the source & destination devices) 6. Once both the devices connected , you can see all the data of the source in the mdle , just select the data that you want to transfer 7. Click on ‘Start Copy‘ (just tap ‘ok‘ to any pop up to your mobile device now) 8. Now finally you can see ‘Copying Data‘ progress window , it will take time depending upon your data size and amount Cons : One major drawback is that this software is not free , you need to pay some amount for the same

How To Transfer Data From Old iPhone To New iPhone Without iCloud or iTunes (Using Advanced Data Migration Feature) ?

This is basically a newer and most convenient way of data transfer between your iOS devices . For this feature of data migration between your iPhone devices , you need both the devices should be running iOS 12.4 or newer versions. It may happen that you don’t have access to iTunes (or computer) or iCloud (iCloud backup) , here comes the new data migration feature comes into play. For this feature, you still need an active Wifi connection to transfer data from your old iPhone to the new iPhone wirelessly (or wired as you wish) . With this, you can transfer all contacts, app data , media files , settings etc to your new iPhone . If you want you can even transfer then with a wired connection (you need lightning to  USB cable and your lightning cable) . Note : Go for the wired method if only you have a poor network connection at home otherwise the wireless way is the recommended method here Follow the steps as given below : Note : The below method only works when you have a brand new iPhone which you just turned ON for set up . So you can now see the ‘Hello‘ screen in your new iPhone , you are now fine to follow the below steps after this (if you have an old iPhone , you need to factory reset the device to get that ‘Hello‘ screen and then follow the normal set up process) 1. Set up your new iPhone as mentioned in the above section (once you see the’Quick Start‘ screen in new iPhone , you should receive a pop up in your old iPhone to scan a code in your new iPhone screen. Then just hold the camera of your old iPhone above that code to start the setting up process in your new iPhone) 2. Once you set up your Face ID , in the next screen you can see a new screen named ‘Transfer Your Data from (your old iPhone name)‘ 3. Now you have two options first ‘Transfer From iPhone‘ and second ‘Download From iCloud‘ 4. Tap on ‘Transfer From iPhone’ option (then you need to continue with the setup process as usual like Apple Watch , Apple Play , App Analytics settings etc) 5. Finally, you see a screen named ‘Transferring Data From (Your old iPhone name)‘ , and also now in your old iPhone you can see the same screen showing transfer progress screen (be connected to the Wifi network) Note : The data transfer is happening by means of the peer to peer data transfer mode using Wifi and Bluetooth 6. Wait for some time (depends on your network , if you want faster transfer anyways you can opt for the wired mode of transfer) 7. Once done tap ‘Continue‘ on your old iPhone (Transfer complete screen) 8. The new iPhone starts a reboot now , once its fully rebooted check for the data and settings (it should be an exact replica of your old iPhone) 9. You can still see some apps are downloading from the App store (the app data is already downloaded so no need to worry) Finally you can get r of your old iPhone , just do remember to  erase all your old iPhone data before selling/leaving your old iPhone for security reasons . .

How To Transfer Data Between Mac and iPhone device ?

So now you want to keep a physical copy of all iPhone data on your Mac computer. Or maybe you just want to keep everything on your external hard drive and clean up your iPhone storage. Whatever the reason, the next moment you are looking for steps to transfer all your old iPhone data to Mac device and vice versa. Note: Make sure your iPhone and Mac are on the same WiFi network. Now, in this section, we will understand the steps to perform a simple data transfer (photos/videos) between Mac and iPhone devices. So now let’s start exploring these steps: NOTE: This process works on all Mac OS versions, so you don’t have to worry about outdated Mac OS versions anymore (Cheers!!) 1. Search for “Image Capture” or go to your “Finder” and in apps try to find this app there (in “Other” folder) Note: Before doing this go to settings on iPhone -> click on “Photos” option -> go to the section in “Transfer to Mac” or PC” -> Click the “Keep Originals” option 2. Open the “Picture Capture” application in Mac OS and close it Connect the iPhone to the Mac PC. NOTE: Your iPhone must be unlocked to use this method, once you unlock your device, only you can see all your pictures/videos in the Picture Capture app on Mac PC 3. You can see all the photos and videos and these will appear on the Mac screen with many details (tap ok to pop any screen on the iPhone screen when connected) 4. Walk on the screen to a specific photo/video from here You can easily delete it to free up your iPhone storage 5. Also at the bottom left of the screen you’ll see the “Import to” option, just go there and click the drop down menu – arrow to choose the destination you want to save The location of all photos and videos. 6. There are two options of “Import” and “Import All” in the lower right corner, you can choose the option according to your needs (you can even drag and drop it directly to the desktop).

How To Transfer All The Data Files From iPhone To Mac Computer Using Airdrop  ?

In the above section, we have only seen the steps to transfer photos/videos from iPhone to Mac device. Now let’s look at all the file types on a Mac computer. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Since there are several ways to do this, let’s look at the “AirDrop” method first. Just follow these steps: 1. Turn on “AirDrop” on your iPhone, go to the notification panel, swipe up from the bottom and tap the “AirDrop” option (or go to Settings -> General -> AirDrop Options -> Tap Everyone and on iPhone 2. Then click on Everyone (Make yourself visible to other devices, once you turn this option on, the Bluetooth option will automatically turn on.) Note: Also turn on AirDrop On your Mac device, perform a Spotlight search and enter AirDrop, open that option and select the “Everyone” option (this also requires turning on bluetooth on the device) 3. Now open any file (photo/video/document) and tap the “Share” icon 4. Then select “Tap to option in the “Share with AirDrop” section, where you will see the default Macbook device name where the file is saved on the Mac device). After a while (depending on your file size), once the transfer is complete, now go to the finder and open the location where you just saved the file. It should be there. Note: You can also use the iTunes method to backup your data first and then restore the iTunes backup to your new iPhone, which actually requires a wired connection. For this iTunes data transfer and restore method, see the iTunes section above.

How To Transfer Files From Your Mac To iPhone Device ?

As mentioned earlier, if you just want to restore data from an iTunes backup, you can read the section above where we explain the iTunes backup process. However, to do this, you’ll need a wired connection with a Lightning connector and a USB cable. Depending on the software running on your Mac or PC, the next step involves the Finder on Mac or iTunes on Windows (or on Macs with older versions of Mac OS). macOS Catalina 1. If you are running Catalina, open a Finder window 2. You will see your iPhone or iPad under Locations on the left se of the Finder window 3. Click on macOS Mojave or earlier if you are on your computer To run Mojave or earlier Mac you need to open iTunes. You can run multiple versions of iTunes, each in a different way: iTunes 12 Click the iPhone icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. iTunes 11 Click the iPhone tab on the right se of the window. iTunes 10 iPhone is in the left sebar. Once you see the iPhone Details section, follow the steps in the iTunes Backup section above to restore the backup file you want to transfer from your Mac to your iPhone device. Now it’s best to use wireless methods to transfer data from your Mac device to an AirDrop-enabled iPhone. To use this feature, just make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Now, as long as you have AirDrop (and Bluetooth) turned on in both devices, you can easily start transferring data files between the two devices. Just follow these steps for file transfer: 1. Select the file (image/video/document/or any file), right click and click Share. 2. Select the “AirDrop” option (it will now show discoverable devices, select your iPhone’s name in the device list) 3. A confirmation popup will then be sent on your iPhone, you just need to click “Accept” (or ‘reject’, whichever you prefer). 4. After clicking Accept, the file transfer will begin and the status will be displayed on your Mac device screen. 5. When done, a confirmation popup will appear on your Mac device screen. You can now check the transferred files in your iPhone.

Transfer Data To Your New/Old iPhone – Final Wrap Up !!

As shown above, we have tried to cover almost all methods to easily transfer data from any other iPhone/Mac/Andro/computer device to your iPhone via wired or wireless media. Also keep in mind that before you give up/sell your old iPhone, you should delete all data from your old iPhone. We really hope you enjoyed this article and were able to learn something new. Sorry for such a big post (:-p). Stay tuned for more interesting content in this series. report this ad

What is the fastest way to transfer data from one iPhone to another?

Use Quick Start to transfer data to a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod…
  1. Turn on your new device and place it near your current device.
  2. A screen appears on your current device that offers the option of using your Apple ID to set up your new device. …
  3. Wait for an animation to appear on your new device.

How long does it take to transfer data from one iPhone to another using quick start?

Step 1: Get Started With Quick Start

This usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour. So wait until you won’t need an iPhone for a while before getting started. You also need to make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, or a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and a Lightning to USB cable to do a wired transfer.

What is the fastest way to transfer data from Android to iPhone?

Option 1: Move to iOS
  1. Download the Move to iOS app on your Android device.
  2. Connect both devices to power, and to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Turn on your new iPhone to start the setup wizard.
  4. Complete each step of the setup until you get to “Apps & Data”. …
  5. Launch Move to iOS on your Android and tap Continue.

How do I transfer all my stuff to another iPhone?

How to transfer data from your old iPhone to a new one with iCloud
  1. Connect your old iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Tap [your name] > iCloud.
  4. Select iCloud Backup.
  5. Tap Back Up Now.
  6. Wait until the backup process completes.

What is Quickstart transfer?

Introduced in iOS 11, Quick Start is an automatic setup feature for outfitting a new iPhone. Just point your new phone at the old one, and all the core settings transfer over. You still need to go through the setup screens for Face ID (or Touch ID), Siri, and Apple Pay, but Quick Start takes care of the rest.

Why is iPhone transfer taking so long?

If there is too much data you want to transfer or the WiFi connection is unstable, it is quite normal that the transferring process may take a few hours. However, sometimes the transferring process is just extremely slow, and it seems that the move to iOS takes forever.

How do I transfer directly from iPhone to iPhone?

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using Quick Start
  1. First, turn on the new iPhone and place the old iPhone next to it. …
  2. An animation will appear on the new iPhone’s screen. …
  3. When you reach the Transfer Your Data screen, tap Transfer Directly from iPhone and confirm the settings and data you want to transfer.

Why does it take so long to transfer data to new iPhone 13?

The process gets done via Wi-Fi. So, a stable and robust network is required to transfer the files to your new iPhone successfully. Without the said, it will take longer to complete the process. Surely, if you are transferring a large amount of data, then it will take longer to transfer completely.

Does Quick Start transfer WhatsApp?

Using Quick Start you can expect that the WhatsApp app will be transferred over. Then if you choose to restore an iCloud backup, data stored in that backup as well.

How long does transfer from Android to iPhone take?

Your Android device will now begin transferring the content over to your iPhone or iPad. Depending on how much is being transferred, it could take a couple of minutes for the entire process to complete. It took me less than 10 minutes.

How can I transfer data from Android to iPhone wirelessly?

Run the File manager on iPhone, tap on the More button and choose WiFi Transfer from the pop-up menu, see below screenshot. Slide the toggle to on in the WiFi Transfer screen, so you will get an iPhone file wireless transfer address. Connect your Android phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.

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