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Mind-Bending Future MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES technology animation

未来军事技术与精巧装备、未来士兵、未来陆军作战装备特色; 00:00 具有人工智能的俄罗斯秘密武器:06:27 K-300P Bastion-P 是俄罗斯的移动海防导弹系统:07:46 Combat Drone with Ai:18:02 无人迷你坦克:25:59 Future Helicopter- AVX 飞机-未来实用军用直升机:30:17 未来士兵:音乐包括 根据 #futuretechnology #militarytechnology #rcobsessive #military #futureweapons #futuremilitarytechnology #vr #rc #technology #unmannedvehicle #animation #remotecontrol #departmentofdefense。

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8 thoughts on “Mind-Bending Future MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES technology animation”

  1. Wow !!! I've been looking to watch and see what new ideals are out there in this world if we go to war !!! It look like the rules of war are changing and what is war and how war is done seems to be changing faster then any kne can keep up. All I know if we go to war within the next 5 to 15 years. I feel that the next war will be like ww2 with the A bomb and other planes and guns made during war. Guns and bombs made that that were so far ahead of whT anyone was thinking just a few years before that . I feel if we go to war in the next few years the technology and ideals that will come from that. Will be on a whole other level. Like instead of bombing a whole city and making the city unlivable. You could just send In a million little drones the size of your hand that can blow up. Then use face recognition system to kill anyone that isn't your race . So the drones only kill your enemy. Or you can take all the enemies soldier and see who has a Facebook account. Then send the drone to just kill who ever you want. You can have these drone swaming a whole cit. Killing who you want. And no casualties or damage property. Like this is the technology of the gods. The stuff poeple couldn't even wish for or dream of . Not even 30 years ago could anyone see what drone could do. The word scary !!! Doesnt do this any justice !!!! I'm more scared of the future an if we go to war. I hope but what it look like around the world and what is happening looks just like what happened before WW2 and WW1 . country were rioting and poeple speaking up. And the same. Things are happening right now around the world. And things do not look like they are going to be getting better anytime soon. So just be prepare for anything. And try and be ready for anything . Even the unthinkable things you must be ready. The next war there may not be a bomb set off . But the enemy shutdown everything g all at once. Power, phones and other things. They would bring this great country to the knees instantly.

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