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Home » Money and Finance: Crash Course Economics #11 finance and economics

Money and Finance: Crash Course Economics #11 finance and economics

所以,我们在这里推迟了一个基本问题。 什么是钱? 什么是货币? 两者有何不同。 好吧,不要放弃太多,但钱有一些基本功能。 它充当价值储存、交换媒介和记账单位。 金钱不仅仅是纸币和硬币。 它可以是满足这三个标准的任何东西。 显然,在美国监狱中,一袋鲭鱼是货币。 是的,鲭鱼。 纸和硬币可以作为货币使用,因为它们得到政府的支持,这比鲭鱼有优势。 所以,一旦你有了钱,你就需要融资。 我们将讨论借贷、利息以及股票和债券。 此外,这一集还有一个巨大的西葫芦,这是 Adriene 在她的花园里种植的。 所以这很酷。 特别感谢 Dave Hunt 允许使用他的 PiPhone 视频。 这家伙真的做了一个手工智能手机! 速成课程在 Patreon 上! 您可以通过注册直接支持我们 感谢以下赞助人每月的慷慨捐助,帮助让每个人永远免费参加速成课程:Fatima Iqbal、Penelope Flagg、Eugenia Karlson、Alex S、Jirat、Tim Curwick、Christy Huddleston,埃里克·基奇、莫里茨·施密特、《今天我发现》、阿维·亚什钦、克里斯·彼得斯、埃里克·奈特、雅各布·阿什、西蒙·尼克拉森、简·施密德、埃利奥特·贝特、桑德拉·阿夫特、SR Foxley、伊恩·邓多尔、丹尼尔·鲍利格、杰森·A·萨斯洛、罗伯特·昆茨, Jessica Wode, Steve Marshall, Anna-Ester Volozh, Christian, Caleb Weeks, Jeffrey Thompson, James Craver 和 Markus Persson – 想在互联网上的其他地方找到速成班吗? Patreon 上的 Facebook-Twitter-Tumblr-Support 速成课程:CC Kids:。

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Money and Finance: Crash Course Economics #11

Money and Finance: Crash Course Economics #11

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Money and Finance: Crash Course Economics #11
finance and economics
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  2. the guy: we dont need these green sheets of paper

    Also him: you can support us with your green sheets of paper

    we dont need them but they do coincidence i think not.

  3. Note: bitcoin &c are not money and are not currency, it is a commodity. Transactions are too slow to use as currency, and that's inherent to the system.

  4. And I agree the gold standard is unlikely to return, but the reason for that is self interest. Incentive, as you so rightly put it. Politicians and bankers don’t want to enact a gold standard because politicians and bankers don’t want restrictions on how much they can spend and how much money they can print without end. It is in their own self interest to keep the gold standard, which would enforce fiscal responsibility, extinct.

  5. Gold standard kept central banks and sovereign governments from unbridled spending. Debt skyrocketed as soon as the gold standard was ended in the 70’s. Currencies are now subject to inflation. This is why owning gold is so important, and it’s why central banks worldwide store thousands of tons of gold and even now are buying more gold for their reserves. As JP Morgan said, “gold is money, everything else is credit”.

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