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Home » New AC Tech Sends Heat Into Space & Saves 95% On Cooling Bills! new ac technology

New AC Tech Sends Heat Into Space & Saves 95% On Cooling Bills! new ac technology

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New AC Tech Sends Heat Into Space & Saves 95% On Cooling Bills!

New AC Tech Sends Heat Into Space & Saves 95% On Cooling Bills!

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New AC Tech Sends Heat Into Space & Saves 95% On Cooling Bills!
new ac technology
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47 thoughts on “New AC Tech Sends Heat Into Space & Saves 95% On Cooling Bills! new ac technology”

  1. This has a very promising future as it saves money hence is self financing.
    The problem with any new product is where does the money come from.
    If it costs money then that money can only come from the user or the government.

  2. Solar panels get hot. There has to be a way to convert the heat into more electricity, or to use a coolant system to take heat from there and the rest of the building to a shaded area and radiate.

  3. First of all the world isn't warming up. It goes through cycles and that is what we call climate. So it always changes that's how nature works. So fucking to much with it an we shoot ourselves in the foot. Like we burn fosile like crazy yes and that releases CO2 yes. But plants need that CO2 to grow big again so we have new things to burn again. Now these panels would work better if u could store the heat to warm water now u just radiate it away.

  4. It would work better on the north side of the house and not compete with solar panels, at least in northern hemisphere.

    Fifth, guessing that includes all refrigeration. R143a is propane… unless we switch to critical co2, but potentially more deadly.

  5. Traditional buildings considering local conditions made using knowledge of natives in most areas of the world is the best A/C solution which the world ignored for being labelled uber cool, while warming up everybody's ass, brains & even the planet.

    But this tech is still welcome, considering we cannot go back to a world without excesses of concrete.

  6. Live in Indonesia where it is humid and hot… All the cloud coverings and humidity, it is not much cooler under a shade here. So we need to get rid the humidity (as they also keep the high energy / heat in them). This is why we still need AC.

  7. First line of the vid: "How can anyone live without AC?!"
    Me, without watching the vid yet: I live in Greece in a new house with no AC (refused to put it there, even if all the pipe/wiring was already done). You, most Americans, are lazy to open/close your windows at the right time not to get roasted.
    And any old or even ancient building techniques have plenty of solutions for comfortable life WITHOUT AC for ANY climate – bloody use that knowledge, just with a modern twist!

  8. How much hafnium is used in these panels?
    Hafnium is a rare earth metal with concentrations of only 5.8 PPM
    If these panels are going to work at scale they would need to use virtually no hafnium.
    Also, we already have a great refrigerant we could use: Propane! It's efficient, not particularly toxic, abundant and is far better for the environment.

  9. Two Bit da Vinci, this video blows my mind! I’m going to have to watch it a few more times to fully absorb the science and I am INTRIGUED ☮️ Thanks for creating & sharing this

  10. the 95% savings implication is a disappointing click-bait statement. So, I am confused now, are you a "click-bait guy," or someone who provides relevant/factual information. I thought you were the latter, and that's why I was interested in the content you provide. Food for thought.

  11. @TwoBitdaVinci I'd love to see this technology combined/underneath, 'Bifacial Solar Panels' – Solar Panel technology that collects light on both sides – that reflected light, any that passes through is reflected by this technology and reflected back towards to he Bifacial ontop or near to them?

  12. This is used in conjunction with conventional ac system, not in place of it. For radiation to occur, there must be a temperature difference. You can't radiate from a cooler object to a warmer equal temperature object.

  13. Awesome subject.
    I'm not sure why you should chose between PV or that new tech. The PV pannels need to be exposed to the sun, while these will probably work better when not exposed too much to the sun. Also, rain tend to cool the air a lot, I'm not sure it would be that much of a problem if the panels don't cool as well in the rain. The same with dark clouds, although there are many cases where the clouds prevent the heat from radiating away in space at night.

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