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Home » No Wifi No Internet Connection – 13 Actionable Ways To Fix This !!? All Answers

No Wifi No Internet Connection – 13 Actionable Ways To Fix This !!? All Answers

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Khắc Phục Hình Quả Địa Cầu No Internet Access Windows 10 #ĐÃ THÀNH CÔNG

Khắc Phục Hình Quả Địa Cầu No Internet Access Windows 10 #ĐÃ THÀNH CÔNG
Khắc Phục Hình Quả Địa Cầu No Internet Access Windows 10 #ĐÃ THÀNH CÔNG

Images related to the topicKhắc Phục Hình Quả Địa Cầu No Internet Access Windows 10 #ĐÃ THÀNH CÔNG

Khắc Phục Hình Quả Địa Cầu No Internet Access Windows 10 #Đã Thành Công
Khắc Phục Hình Quả Địa Cầu No Internet Access Windows 10 #Đã Thành Công

Imagine you are working on an important service and suddenly lose your Internet connection. As a result, your work will encounter unexpected obstacles due to no wifi or no internet connection issues. This is really annoying and a horrible situation. Don’t worry about this no internet connection anymore. The solution lies in the step-by-step troubleshooting tips below. So just sit back and read on to solve this frustrating no internet access problem with simple steps.

What Is this No Wifi / No Internet Connection Issue ?

This article deals with various issues related to internet connection issues (in any desktop computer). So, if you are still unable to access the internet after connecting to WiFi, this article will also help you. There is no specific solution to this no internet connection problem, so you need to follow the steps below to troubleshoot your exact problem. If you’re frustrated with very slow internet on your iPhone or your internet connection, check out the following link for the same detailed troubleshooting gue: Slow/No Internet on iPhone/iPad Devices – How To Fix It!

Complete steps to solve the No Wifi / No Internet Connection Error

So we need to dive this section into two main categories, ie. H. hardware problem. software problem. We will explore various aspects to successfully get r of this problem through simple introspection.

Hardware Related Issues that can lead to a ” connected no internet ” issue !!

Therefore, be sure to check the internet access of the other device before starting any checks. Internet may work fine on another device. So the problem is precisely with your device. After that we have to move on, now it’s time to check out all the hardware components that help us connect to the Internet. First, find the network cable and router you are using. Find your router’s power button, make sure your wireless router is on, and if you’re using a LAN cable to your laptop, make sure it’s connected properly (steps on how to use your laptop as a monitor or a second screen). Check this out to learn about features and how to use the WPS button in your router! In short, make sure all hardware components of your wired/wireless network are switched/connected incorrectly. Also, don’t forget to look for the ADSL line, it should work. Even if only one device is not connected to the internet, you can be absolutely sure that the problem is with your device. This may help you further resolve this issue. Also check for loose network cable connections and clean the surface of the network card to improve efficiency. Even if none of your devices can connect to the internet, try disconnecting the ethernet cable that connects the modem to the router and use it to connect your PC directly to the modem. If you have internet access, your router is the faulty device here. The last step before continuing is to find the router LEDs. Check the DSL light and internet connection light. (usually should be green). You can also contact your ISP prover to find out how to check. A hardware check is enough. You may be able to learn about affected devices by following the steps above. So let’s move on.

Software checks for the issue of No Internet Connection / No Wifi connectivity !!

So after doing all the possible hardware-related checks , its time for us to check the actual software issues that may cause this nightmare. So we will first start with the simple ones and gradually see the tedious ones to fix this as we proceed further. Connect your Brother printer with wifi and work wirelessly !! 1. System Reboot This is the first step you should do beforehand. It may happen that you have updated your system or installed/updated some important patches or software. And this is causing network conflicts with the wired/wireless network connection. Also, change your system profile to Airplane mode once and then reboot, then wait for some time after you restart and again switch off the airplane mode. Then check for internet access. Still, facing the same issue? Don’t worry and read further. 2. Modem / Router Reboot So since you already d this to your system in the previous step, now it’s time to reboot the heart of your wireless connectivity i.e the Modem or Router . Check out the steps to use VoIP for your small business !! These devices basically help in routing the data traffic from the ISP prover to your connection. So to reboot the router follow the below steps : 1. Unplug the power cable and turn off both the router and modem from the backse . 2. Wait for around 1 minute, then you again turn on the modem. 3. Then after around 30 sec, you again turn on the router. 4. Wait for few seconds and check the lights blinking status. From the above steps, you can get to know about the status of your Modem or Router. Also just keep in mind that, since you are rebooting your network device, there are no issues with device settings i.e. you are not resetting your device settings in any way. So you are not resetting it to the factory default settings. iMessage not working in your iPhone/iPad ? Check out the steps here !! 3. Check for the Wireless Signal Range It is well-known fact that if you are within the signal range, then only you can able to access the internet. So to ensure good connectivity, you have to be in good proximity to the network access point. So if you are farther away, you can not able to access the internet. Also, look for any hindrances to the wireless signals, then it will further block you from accessing the internet. 4. Check with your ISP Prover for this issue It may happen that you missed the billing cycle, so your Internet service prover may have blocked your access to the internet. Also, there may be some unexpected issues from the ISP se . So if there is any problem from the ISP se, then you are wasting your time inspecting your network issue . Also if you already exceeded the bandwth limit , your ISP might have blocked your internet access . 5. Check for any Security software glitch These days, having antivirus software installed in your system is essential. So sometimes it may happen that due to some settings or glitch , you are getting disconnected from the network . Any issue updating your Avast antivirus , then check this out !! Further, your antivirus may hinder the network connectivity due to some compatibility or configuration conflicts . Also, look for important security patches updates. You may disable your antivirus and then check your connection issue. Also please ensure you regularly scan your system for maintaining optimal performance. Also, check your firewall (try to turn it off to see if it helps) and then try disabling/enabling your installed antivirus software in the system. Check the steps to uninstall Avast antivirus here !! 6. Update your network drivers It may possible that due to an outdated driver, you are facing a ” no internet connection or no wifi secured ” issue . So you can try updating all your network drivers again. Please follow the below steps to do that : 1. In the taskbar, search for ‘ Device manager ‘ in the control panel. 2. Then in the Device Manager, click on the option ‘ Network Adapters ‘ 3. Select your wireless adapter name and right-click then select ‘ Update Driver ‘ option. After you click on this, you will be displayed with two options i.e. update manually or automatically.  Select the automatic option and try connecting to some network cable or hotspot to finish this process . 7.  Troubleshoot Network Problems So this is a built-in feature present in your system to troubleshoot any network-related issues . Also in the previous steps you already checked the status of your ISP internet prover , so if you can able to connect any other device with the internet then surely the fault lies within your PC network adapter settings. So you need to follow the below steps in a Windows system to troubleshoot the network issue : 1. In the taskbar check for the wireless network icon at the bottom . 2. Right-click on the icon, then select the option ‘ Troubleshoot Problems ‘ 3. Sit back and let the Windows do the job of detecting the faulty point in your network issue Remember that this step will not let you fix the issue, but it will help in detecting the network failure point. 8. Check Settings Of your Network Connections / Network Adapter In order to fix the ‘ no internet connection ‘ issue , you can try changing the settings of your network connections by following the below steps : 1. Press the key “windows” and ‘R’ together, to open the Run command 2. Then type ncpa.cpl , click on the  ‘ Ok ‘ button 3. Now it will show you all the network connections or mapping present for your system. 4. Then click on the network icon for your wireless/wired device . 5. Right-click and select ‘properties‘  (you can also check the status from here ) 6. After clicking on the ‘properties’  , you can see the networking options. 7. When the new window pops up, select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)  and click on Properties. 8. Now in this new pop up, select “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS Server address automatically”. Next, click on OK to save changes. Now finally after making the network settings, reboot your system to get the changes to appear. After this, it will use the automatic IP addresses, and hopefully, the ‘ wifi connected but no internet ‘ issue solved now. What is wifi and whats the difference between Wifi and Wimax ? 9 . Flush the DNS Cache Sometimes the resue DNS cache may not be allowing you to access the internet access point . So you have to simply flush the DNS cache in order to solve the ‘no internet access ‘ issue . Just follow the below steps as given below : 1. Go to search in the taskbar at the bottom and type ‘cmd‘ 2. It will then display you the ‘Command Prompt‘ 3. Then you have to give the command in this as ‘ ipconfig/flushdns ‘ ,then you have to press enter . 4. Finally it will clear all your DNS cache and you can now hopefully access the internet . Also , no need to worry, as this step will not reset your DNS settings. This will just clear the DNS cache. Google map not working ? Fix this asap !! 10 . Reset Network of your System If nothing works for you can try resetting the network of your system. If you 1. Go to search in the taskbar and type ‘Network Reset’ 2. Then it will open a window and click on the button ‘Reset’ present in the screen . If you click on this option , it will remove all the existing network adapters from your system , also it will then reinstall it and you have to again install the VPN ( if any ) was present earlier . So by this option, it will remove all the networking components from the system . Don’t forget to reboot your system after this. 11 . Try Some cmd Commands  As we have already seen the usage of the command ” ipconfig/flushdns ” . Apart from this, you can try any of the below commands as given below : 1. ipconfig/release 2. ipconfig/renew With these commands, it will delete some network files and it may help in eliminating this error . Wifi calling not working in att ? Check the steps here !! Visual voice mail not working in att ? Check out here !! .

No Wifi / No Internet Connection – The Final Words

Therefore, if the above method does not work, you will need to call your ISP prover directly. At the end of the day, it is your Internet prover’s responsibility to ensure smooth access to the Internet. So if you have any problems, you can call them and follow the steps they were told on the phone. Also, if a phone call doesn’t resolve your issue, you can arrange to visit your ISP in person to resolve the issue. Last but not least, as we have already sa, there is no single answer to this question. You must investigate all possible causes and prove solutions accordingly. Share with us the steps you used to resolve the no internet connection issue above. Also, please let us know if you use some other steps. Maybe the method you describe will help someone with the same query part. Stay tuned for more interesting stuff. report this ad

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