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Home » Technology is replacing jobs. Are you ready? technology replacing jobs

Technology is replacing jobs. Are you ready? technology replacing jobs

WorkingNation 突出了技术和全球化的趋势,取代了美国各行各业的工作……

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Technology is replacing jobs. Are you ready?

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Technology is replacing jobs. Are you ready?
technology replacing jobs
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41 thoughts on “Technology is replacing jobs. Are you ready? technology replacing jobs”

  1. What if robots make robots that are more advanced than the previous robots but the older robots break down and they didn't have time to tell the humans how to make the more advanced robots work that's an apocalypse I'm worried about that's the only one with robots that could actually happen

  2. You do realize technology has been replacing jobs since we've discovered fire right? We adapt. Yea in the short term people go without work for a bit but in the end our lives become much better off. 150 years ago 80% of Americans were farmers working all day every day for pennies… now the average work week is 34 hours and even the most poor among us live in conditions unimaginably prosperous when compared to a century ago..

  3. I think it is good situation because world is developing we should ready for this. I suppose robots are better then some people. Robots never lie or never commit a crime. Of course robots have no feelings like people. But they never cheat each other. They don't commit rape acts. All in all robots never do bad things which people do in earth. They give us benefits. We should improve our knowledge and find new skills do new innovation read more book. That's all

  4. already the beginning is absolute bullshit so im not watching the rest of this. The invention of bronze did not immediately invalidate the utility of stone tools.

  5. No está bien que te hable de la globalización, y solo se enfoque en que las consecuencias para estados unidos, que hipocrita, es un problema global

  6. Not investment advice
    Maybe if you do have a few extra dollars (even just $20/month), put it into different companies that will benefit from this. At least you're somewhat hedged against automation.
    Not investment advice

  7. I was just thinking right now the fear is AI taking jobs so we cannot earn to live we will be jobless. My idea was could there be another scenario let's say robots do everything that we are taxed for and that we are charged for. Agriculture, public services, manufacture and defence as well as housing and energy production. Would it not be possible for us not to work unless we want to. I mean we would not need to spend money as machines could replenish resources, ship goods and secure energy needs and recycling, replant vegetables and crops.

  8. No! I am not in favor of that! We humans still need responsibilities! We make money and technology doesn’t, so we shouldn’t let AI outshine us! Instead, we have to strengthen our thinking skills (memory, attention, language, reasoning, and visual-spatial)! I do so with HAPPYneuron!

  9. This is the thing: AI do not have a need for money. If enough people get skilled to program AI, the computers will be cheaper. But only people need money. So I see goods becoming cheaper and real stuff thats requires a human touch emerging and become bigger. So a shift in how it happens. Money was created to create a system between people, not machines…

  10. How do these companies expect customers to buy their technologically innovative products if no one has money to spend because their job has been automated?

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