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Home » The First Look at Boom’s Supersonic Plane technology boom

The First Look at Boom’s Supersonic Plane technology boom

协和式飞机退役已近 20 年,为富人终结了商业超音速飞行。 但在科罗拉多州,初创公司 Boom Technology 已经筹集了 1.6 亿美元,以寻求建造一种替代品,一种应该更便宜、更舒适并且能够飞行更多航线的替代品。 这是 Boom 的原型测试飞机 XB-1 的独家第一眼。 #HelloWorld #Technology #Aviation ——– 喜欢这个视频吗? 订阅:成为 Quicktake 会员,享受独家特权:QuickTake Originals 是彭博的官方付费视频频道。 我们为您带来来自正在塑造我们未来的商业、科学和技术专家的见解和分析。 我们是 Hello World、Giant Leap、Storylines 以及为 CityLab、Bloomberg Businessweek、Bloomberg Green 等提供支持的系列节目的所在地。 订阅商业新闻,但并非如您所知:独家采访、引人入胜的简介、数据驱动的分析以及来自世界各地的最新技术创新。 访问我们的合作伙伴频道 QuickTake News,即时了解全球新闻和见解。

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The First Look at Boom’s Supersonic Plane

The First Look at Boom’s Supersonic Plane

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The First Look at Boom’s Supersonic Plane
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44 thoughts on “The First Look at Boom’s Supersonic Plane technology boom”

  1. Just like Concorde it's going to fail. You can't fly it without it being affordable to the mass population and unfortunately that doesn't look like it's going to happen so

  2. Long flights are near lethal nowadays, with tiny spaces for passengers…. I think Boom is going to have high demand from cross-Pacific travellers. Can't wait!

  3. That looks similar to one aircraft in Flight Simulator that only exists, for now, in Flight Simulator. The Stratojet Excaliur has similar performance. In Flight Simulator, it can do Mach 2.2 and cruise at 70,000 feet

    If Boom Aviation pulls this off, and does make real world version of this Flight Simulator aircraft, the plane will have a range of 5000 nautical miles, which will give it enough range to fly from the west coast to Tokyo.

    It would also be able to do LAX to Tahiti as well

  4. I heard the problem with supersonic jets is that airlines just don't care about the niche. It will cost more to fly, and customers are simply unwilling to pay higher prices to get somewhere faster, especially now with in-flight WiFi and lie-flat seats, the travelers that are willing to spend the money don't need to.

  5. I think defining safety and demanding safe design standards into prototypes and proving safety is what the public air fare consumer really wants.
    IMHO in addition to standard flight testing and approval the aircraft should demonstrate both: 1) Water landings / ditching 2) Off airport emergency landing capability.
    Place Safety and Rmergency procedures into aircraft design first then add speed.

  6. Some people here are here to whine really people go to a rock concert and they can drive you deaf the only reason the Americans complained about Concorde was because boeing did not have one and they did want the e.u to have the edge so why not ban the plane

  7. Un gran numero de estos aviones volando produciria una peligrosa reduccion de la Capa de Ozono, lo que provocaria un aumento en enfermedades como el cancer de piel, por ejemplo. Por eso el Concorde se fabrico en forma muy limitada. No creo que, aunque este avion llegue a ser producido, se autorice a hacerlo en grandes cantidades.

  8. If seats remain at the J or F price point, you've definitely have a future customer; and as long as range could do SYD – LAX!

  9. Me llama la atencion que ni Boeing ni Airbus esten desarrolando un proyecto similar. ¿Sera porque estos dos gigantes ven este proyecto inviable o solo quieren dedicarse al mercado subsonico?. Vaya uno a saber.

  10. Here is the answer to anybody that said why the company named "Boom". Obviously, Boom means whenever the plane flies faster than the speed of sound, the plane will start to make the sonic boom sound.

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