The latest robots and future technologies: all the June technology news in one issue! technology news

by chambaZONE

✅ Instagram:您正在使用 PRO Robotics,在此视频中,我们展示了 2021 年 6 月的新闻摘要。 6 月的所有最新高科技新闻在第一期。 请务必将视频观看到最后,并在评论中写下您最感兴趣的新闻? 0:00 在这个视频中: 0:20 Lunar Electric Cars | 飞行巴士 9:50 ICRA 2021 19:35 读心头盔 #prorobots #robots #robot #future technology #robotics 更有趣和有用的内容:✅ Elon Musk 创新 ✅Future 技术评论 ✅ 技术新闻 #prorobots #technology #roboticsnews PRO 机器人是不仅仅是关于机器人和未来技术的频道,我们对科学、技术、新技术和机器人的所有表现形式都感兴趣,科学新闻,今天的技术新闻,2021 年的科技新闻,以便在未来有可能扩展未来的发布主题。 今天,我们的vlog只讲复杂的事情,关注科技新闻,评论展览、会议和活动,主要人物是世界上最好的机器人! 订阅频道,喜欢视频并加入我们! ✅ Instagram:✅ 电报:✅ Facebook。

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The latest robots and future technologies: all the June technology news in one issue!

The latest robots and future technologies: all the June technology news in one issue!

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#latest #robots #future #technologies #June #technology #news #issue
The latest robots and future technologies: all the June technology news in one issue!
technology news
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j malko 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều


Daniel Hanawalt 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

As interesting as this video and robotics and AI is, it's all a bit terrifying. Only a matter of time till the machines realize we humans are obsolete. It will be awhile, if that does happen, because we are trying to mimic ourselves, and we are very complicated. But we're getting there.

Casey Moore 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Why? Don't you think we should concentrate on our planet and not make a robot dog that can walk my real dog. We burn down the rainforest and dump all our crap and toxic waste in the ocean and we are all worried about the cybertruck, the newest iphone and how many likes you got on your portrait of the dinner you made. As the Amazon disappears, we lose our oxygen and microplastics are in the most remote parts of the planet. If the planet was a tv episode and you were watching you would be telling everyone to get their head out of their a$$.. and wake the f√€k up!.

Dede Aries Abdullah 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

sooner or later technology will develop to a smaller direction maybe it can become nano technology like the latest iron man costume.. for example, computers used to be so big, and now they are

Blue Eyes 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Latest or latex

Sha T 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Fascinating. And I can envision many beneficial uses for the general public.
Such as with physically disabled and elderly citizens who struggle with full independence.
However as fascinating as these robotic advances are, until costs of purchase can be reduced to the average citizens income becoming affordable for purchase. Then all they’ve achieved are fascinating robotics only affordable too an extremely limited number of population.
Limits the realistic marketing abilities.
I can’t imagine robotics becoming affordable for the average person. Orr population majority.
And if they’re going too make only a robotic pet dog as the closest product a portion of the population might possibly afford. Then at the least make it capable of aiding disabled and elderly. Such as capable of carrying large quantities and or heavy items necessary for daily living uses.
Quantities of groceries, household supplies etc and capable of carrying a large heavy load of laundry basket.
Maybe create robotic carts for the population who need assistance carting all varieties of normal living items. A useful robotic will be more popular in sales than a pretend pet dog companion.
That’s key to the successful marketing strategy and successful sales. IMHO.

charlie williams 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

For couple types, wouldn't that be so shizzl, if Jesus came back as a AI superbot……. jus sayin. Have great day

digital subliminal messages 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
Sounds like fun// // sweet /

Alex Muange 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Seen visions like this owasome and wish its achieved during this generation

Chris Rodriguez 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

yuyang, we just copied and hacked an American proprietary intellectual property, thanks to the US government.

Melvon Doty 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Why can't someone make a functioning Iron man suit…..with ai…and robotics..
With all our ideas …
It would make space travel safer..under sea exploration would be done more easily.. ..

Carlos Trujillo 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

The coding tool is called copilot, and is far more powerful than show in this video

No 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

The near future may be robot partners that u can buy and it does stuff for u, just like we buy phones every few years. They'll keep making new updated and improved robots to buy every few years.

josh hall 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

It's all fun and games until a T-1000 shows up.

Bleeding Revolver 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

That bus looks amazing

Ad Fr 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

We are in the future

Travis 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

jesus where do u work that u have u put ur name on a pair of tweezers lmao :p ppl will steal anything i guess

Paruhang Rai 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

just like star-wars, human of earth will fight with human of mars from earth

M Wing 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

What about smart shoes that come in styles for both menwoman . Yes….Smart Shoes …no more moving of the legs needed ! Just lean forward from your smart car and let Smart Shoes …… TAKE YOU AWAY ! :O) PS : If you CALL NOW we will throw in , for FREE , the auto stabilizing unit !! BUT WAIT ! Those who call in the next .001 seconds get the FREE BONUS ! :O)

Poyeep 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Scary as hell. Imagine all that low level jobs taken by robots and than imagine all that people changing their professions to IT, robotics, doctors, teachers etc… I guess close to 50% of the our planet population (or even more) can't do that…We are doomed.

Eugênio Dantas 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Tem coisa aí que são copias descaradas do robô Spot da Boston Dynamics!

Egos Kmer 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Why we need this again? Gmab.

a modern alchemist 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Let's waste money and build 2 different rovers to travel on the surface on the moon!!
That's an idiotic idea!!! Especially when everything NASA and/or any other space exploration corporation leaves nearly everything they bring to the Moon behind!

William Huang 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Hanzhen harmonic drive gear , over 30 years experience in industrial robot arm gear reducer, factory automation, joint gear

Isaac Cardin 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Thats one expensive water bottle carrier

ahenathon 28/11/2021 - 6:14 Chiều

Future does not need robots with facial expressions. It is delusion just like automated kitchen and handybots from 50s. You realy do not need organ to express emotions when you have none, or we program in them too?


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