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Home » This digital piano has some very clever controls technology connections

This digital piano has some very clever controls technology connections

把“No”放在“No Effort November”中,我什至没有在这里放任何东西。

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This digital piano has some very clever controls

This digital piano has some very clever controls

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This digital piano has some very clever controls
technology connections
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40 thoughts on “This digital piano has some very clever controls technology connections”

  1. Your digital piano doesn't go out of tune? I need one of those. Just paid a guy $500 in Google Play cards to tune my digital piano. It was over the phone, though, so it was easy. Just needed to install some somewhere on my computer.

  2. original instrument's mechanisms *do*.(that, and the fact Vocaloid was demo technology never intended for distribution until the public demanded it).

  3. when i was a kid i played piano classically, grades and all. but because we were poor the best thing i could have at home was a digital weighted piano like this (which was still $$$ really). but after many years of playing it got to a point where my teacher told me i had to pretty much switch to a real piano to get to that next level (professional) and really, my parent didnt want a 300kg instrument that cost thousands of dollars and so i stopped pursuing it as a career. rip

  4. Owning and gigging with an old 1970s yamaha cp30 has been quite an experience. That electric piano weighs near 100lbs and has real hammers weighting the keys. One of its interesting quirks and features is that, due to the hammer design, you can’t play it sideways!

  5. I probably shouldn't be surprised that you are a decent piano player at this point…but I am! Very impressive.

    I learned all that stuff a long time ago while in the professional music world. I never suspected that someone would search out that information on their own just for fun! You continue to amaze.

  6. Two things:
    1) and I hate to be That Musician, but ugh who taught you how to pronounce timbre?
    2) what's the problem with "polyphony"? In this context what else does it mean than "how many tones/notes will your keyboard sound at one time"?

  7. Since you are more technically oriented than the typical musician, here is a conundrum: one of the most important parts of a digital piano is to measure the force exerted on the keys. However, no producer will guarantee you or even state how precise that mechanism actually works or how uniform it is across all keys…. I probably never encountered any keyboard/digital piano where not a few keys were out of line with the rest, ie. reported significantly higher or lower MIDI velocities than their surrounding keys when depressing them exactly the same in tandem (like 10-20% off). Since I discovered this and the fact that noone cares, the entire digital piano business is just a USP crankout business for me, completely hollow, with noone really acting professionally. Find me a mechanism to reliably test the velocity response! The most central part of a digital piano and there is no way to validate or calibrate it. Even better: many compact pianos have a folded action and hence the contacts are buried deep inside it. If you wanna fix them, have fun disassembling the entire keyboard…….. it's ridiculous. Funny thing is: if you bring this up with people on classical piano forums, they start saying stuff like "doesn't matter if you don't feel it". And that's coming from classic guys who otherwise are obsessed about perfection in every way imaginable when it comes to performance………………. btw. I just gave you a potential way to extort or destroy the digital piano industry, at least in the medium priced segments where they don't use optical sensors.

  8. pls cover other cool things like electric pianos ( like the rhodes ) or other cool things like synths and mellotrons pls they r so cooooooool

  9. Love the intro troll lol
    You are FANTASTIC playing the piano so entertaining!
    And the subject was fascinating! I can only play single handed by ear because my family couldnt afford lessons and now i dont have access to one to learn with an app. But ive always been drawn to pianos (and guitars). Loved this please do more!

  10. Thank you by the way, for putting out the perfect video. Anyone who has Vinheteiro in their feed understands it on a visceral level. You can't have Vinheteiro in your feed without being a musician, so your emulation of his style will surely attract (more of) music YouTube. Welcome to the Adam Neely orbit. Music may not be universal, but it sure as hell is human. And only humans watch YouTube. Cheers!

    PS – Scott Joplin shreds like San Dimas High School football rules – by default.

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