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Google Cloud Platform ( Gcp ) – The Ultimate Guide !! ( Gcp Services )? The 13 New Answer

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Beginner Series | Lesson #2 Learn all GCP products in 10 mins

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Beginner Series | Lesson #2 Learn all GCP products in 10 mins
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Beginner Series | Lesson #2 Learn all GCP products in 10 mins

Images related to the topicGoogle Cloud Platform (GCP) – Beginner Series | Lesson #2 Learn all GCP products in 10 mins

Google Cloud Platform (Gcp) - Beginner Series |  Lesson #2 Learn All Gcp Products In 10 Mins
Google Cloud Platform (Gcp) – Beginner Series | Lesson #2 Learn All Gcp Products In 10 Mins

In today’s world, everyone is talking about cloud services and the many benefits they prove for data computing (along with security, scalability, flexibility, etc.). In this post, we’ll (briefly) prove a basic overview of Google Cloud Platform and the various GCP services it proves. Later, we’ll go into more detail about Google Cloud Platform pricing, GCP Console, free tier, cloud certifications you might be after, and more. So please sit back and read on. Formally, GCP is a hybr of IaaS and PaaS services. There are common compute, storage, and networking functions that form the basis of any IaaS. So let’s start understanding this by updating our knowledge of how common cloud platforms work.

What Is Google Cloud Computing ?

To understand exactly what Google Cloud Platform is, we first need to understand the prerequisites. GCP is essentially based on the theory of cloud computing. In layman’s terms, we can say that Google Cloud is nothing more than a remote server on the Internet that can be used to store, manage, manipulate and process data to achieve desired results (instead of using a local server). resource). So, the cloud computing model is essentially based on the ea of ​​using cloud services instead of using your own hardware resources (local servers). In return, you must pay for the resources you use. These cloud services are proved by many companies called cloud provers. (AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc., except GCP).

 What is Google Cloud Platform ? (how Google Cloud Platform works)

If you understand the cloud computing service model above, it is easy to understand how to use the GCP business model. Basically, Google Cloud Platform proves the same infrastructure that it uses to prove other Google services, such as the infrastructure used to build Google Search, Maps, Gmail, and all other products. Now, Google’s cloud platform proves the same infrastructure platform for public companies such as software developers, data stewards and other enterprise IT professionals, connected via the public internet or a private network via a credit card. (You must pay for each service you consume from GCP.) As such, Google Cloud Platform is a cloud space infrastructure that proves a set of services hosted on Google Cloud hardware (as opposed to hardware used internally by Google for its end users) same). Public domain products for application development and management (such as Google Search and YouTube applications).

Why Google Cloud Platform Is Better Than The Other Cloud Provers ?

To prove this, let’s think about the first thing you do when you first encounter the Internet. For most of us, this will be Google Search, Gmail or Youtube, etc. So the point here is that when we want to check if the internet is working, we usually do it by clicking on the URL in the search bar. So there is a trust factor behind it that Google is always running. Google is also a service prover managed on the backend by real engineers, consisting of a huge database and a powerful search engine. Now comes the really awesome part which is that all the above mentioned services i.e. Google Search, Youtube, Google Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts etc are based on this Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. So, with this cloud platform from Google, you get the same platform (100% uptime) to develop your applications in the cloud, along with the scalability and flexibility benefits of cloud services. So when you sign up for Google Cloud, Google proves the same infrastructure that Google uses for its internal products. That’s enough to (hopefully) convince you that these Google Cloud Platform services are used by many customers around the world. Since its inception (2012), it has grown exponentially as more companies adopt GCP infrastructure to migrate their applications to the cloud. The main advantage here is that Google builds custom products and has a team behind it to make sure Google’s products run smoothly at all times.

Google Cloud Platform Services !! (what does google cloud platform marketplace offer ?)

In fact, from the above, GCP is essentially a public cloud computing infrastructure prover that proves computing, storage, networking, big data, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) services, cloud management, security and development tools. Google’s cloud platform offers a we range of services. To simplify the task, we first dive the services into three main verticals, namely H. calculate. storage. network. Note: Other domains are also available on the GCP platform, but the above are the main pillars to help you successfully and seamlessly run your applications in the cloud space. So, using the above three branches, you can build your application for any kind of requirement. Now, before we get into the service, let’s log into Google Cloud Platform first.

What Is Google Cloud Platform free Tier ? (Is Google Cloud Platform Free ?)

So, if you just want to use GCP for personal use, you can try Google Cloud Platform’s free tier today. So GCP’s free tier basically means that you can use GCP for free by clicking on the “Free Trial” option. Let’s see how to sign up for GCP for free. Just follow these steps: 1. Click the URL in the search bar. 2. You will then see the Free Trial option at the top. Top right corner of the GCP home page Here is the use of the Google Cloud free tier option. Use this option, i. H. With the GCP Free Tier, you’ll get $300 in credits, val for a full year, until you use up all $300 in credits. You can use this credit to prove any type of service/application on the Google Cloud platform. Also, it’s not easy to use up the $300 free credit as quickly as possible, since the most basic plan is $0.05 per hour for 1GB of RAM, so $300 is a pretty big amount that has to be dealt with (unless you use it). any store). So just choose this free tier of Google Cloud Platform, learn and deploy your applications with peace of mind, and if you like it, you can move on to a later version of GCP (pa subscription). After completing the above two steps, please follow the steps below: 3. Click the “Free Trial” option and log in to Google with your Gmail ID. 4. Then you can see the Google Cloud Platform Free Tier Options page. Just click “Agree and Continue” (you’ll need to enter your account details after that). 5. Finally, click “Start My Free Trial”. Options The best thing about this GCP Free Tier option is that there is no automatic top-up after the free trial expires. You’ll be asked when your service is due, and you’ll only be charged for GCP after you update your payment details. So there is no automatic update.

What Is Google Cloud Platform Console ?

Therefore, after creating a GCP account, you can go directly to the Google Cloud Platform console. This GCP console is the page where you can easily explore the various GCP services proved by Google. You can navigate between different GCP features/services as shown below, i.e. H. Monitoring, API, debugging, tracing, etc. In short, the GCP console is a collection of all the Google Cloud Platform services you can use in your account. First, you need to start a project from the dashboard. The dashboard summary in the GCP Console changes depending on your specific project. It also includes tutorials and resources sections. From the GCP console itself, you can view GCP status, billing information, API (project-based), and additional bug reports for each resource or instance we add. It also includes documentation and GCP breaking news sections that you may find useful.

Google Cloud Platform Services Offered !! (In Brief)

So the GCP services we have already seen above , we categorized the GCP services into three main domains i.e.  Compute. Storage. Networking  . So now let us see each of these in detail :

Services Related to the Compute Domain In Google Cloud Platform !! 

The Compute domain mainly consists of the following sub-domains and services proved by each is different than others  : 1.  Compute Engine : This basically helps in choosing the kind of configuration and operating system required as per your service requirements . So you can precisely dece the amount of RAM , CPU resources required by your server . So once you click this you can select the virtual machines with the desired configuration and OS. Once done , you can now install any software into it . 2.  App Engine : With the App engine you can directly upload your application in the cloud server , with no need to think about the server configurations or the compatibility with the OS . So with this, you can easily deploy your service and no need to configure anything . With this, you need not think about the software installation which may be required by the web server . Just click on upload and your application will be deployed .  3. Cloud Functions : App Engine is used to host your application in one server ,  but it will not take care of the processing of data in the hosted app . The back-end processing of incoming data is done by the Cloud Functions . So you just need to prove the code for processing of data in the server and then it will take care of the data processing part . So even if your website is down in one server  , the processing of data will never stop as it is done by the Cloud functions in some other server .  4. Kubernetes Engine : This is useful only if your application is running inse a Docker container in your local server . You just need to migrate the complete Docker container here . Then it will be deployed in the GCP in a similar way it was deployed in your local server. 

Services Related to the Storage Domain In Google Cloud Platform !! 

As the name suggests , storage domain is related to the storage services required for your database in the cloud . So let us understand each sub-services offered by this now : 1. Datastore GCP Service : Ths basically deals with the NoSQL data . So if you want to store any data which is unstructured , so you can right away store the NoSQL unstructured data in the Datastore of the GCP .  2. Bigtable GCP Storage Service : This is also used to store the NoSql unstructured data . The difference here is that , it can be integrated with the Hadoop and Bigdata database . So you can easily dumb hbase data into this Bigtable and manage your data . 3. Storage Service : The Storage is a basic storage file system , where you can simply upload and store your documents like files, images , videos etc just like your Google Drive application .  With Storage service , you can store your applications data in the Storage present in GCP rather storing it in some unsecure place .  4. SQL GCP storage service : As the name suggests , you can store structured data here . So if you want to store any structured data of your application then you can right away use this service .  5. Spanner GCP Service : It also mainly deals with the structured data like the SQL . It is very much scalable , as compared to the SQL GCP storage service . So with this, you can easily store a large amount of data for your application . 

Services Related to the Networking Domain In Google Cloud Platform !!

In networking domain also we have further sub domains as given below : 1. VPC Network GPC Service : Virtual private cloud network is the cloud network service proved by the Google cloud . If you are using more than one server for your application , now if you want to allow all the servers to connect and talk with each other .  So for this, you want a virtual network for your servers to talk with each other seamlessly.  Without VPC you can not able to upload any instances or applications in GCP .   2. Network Services : This is basically used to route the traffic from your application among your different servers. So if you want to route the traffic from one server to another then load balancing will work for you . You can direct specific server to handle a specific network request . You also have Cloud CDN and DNS services , with which you can name domain and pointing it to specific server ip . With CDN , you can create a copy of servers (decrease latency) 3. Networking Service : It is mainly used it to connect two different network servers . Conser one server in GCP and the other is at your local premise . So it will create a vpn (virtual private network) to give access to all the servers seamlessly from within your GCP .  

Google Cloud Platform Pricing Details !!

Google has a pay as you go model, means you can only pay for the resources which will be used by your developer account . Well it is free , yes you heard it right. It’s free for atleast 12 months with its generous free tier option available (discussed above) .  GCP pricing mainly depend upon the resources and duration for which you are using the cloud services . For more info you may check the below urls :  Google Platform Price List Also you can make use of the simple calculator to calculate the forecasted billing : Pricing Calculator for GCP 

Google Cloud Certifications Available !!

Now you can earn a GCP certification and can able to showcase your expertise to manage , design , store , administer applications like a pro . There are many certifications present for Associate and professional GCP certifications . Associate Exam : Google Cloud Certified, Associate Cloud Engineer . Professional Exams : Google Cloud Certified, Professional Data Engineer  . Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Architect  . Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Security Engineer . Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Developer . Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Network Engineer . You may check the below URL for the updated pricing for the above-listed certification : Google Cloud Platform Certifications 

Google Cloud Platform – Final Thoughts !!

GCP essentially a public enterprise cloud suite proving the required infrastructure to deploy your application in the cloud . It further proves data processing and analytics with the real-time data computation . Google also proves services for IoT, such as Google Cloud IoT Core, which is a series of managed services that enable users to consume and manage data from IoT devices . GCP is evolving every single day and thereby proving other users on-demand cloud services in order to compete with its main rivals in the cloud provers space i.e. the AWS and Microsoft Azure . With its free tier option, you can easily try the GCP for free and if it suits you , then you can further go for the pa plans as required .  Hope you really like this post, let me know in the comments section . Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series .  report this ad

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