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What Does a Financial Analyst Do finance analyst

金融分析师做什么?// 有没有想过金融分析师的日常活动包括什么? 从前金融分析师那里了解金融分析师生活中的一天。 虽然金融分析师的日常工作会因公司和具体职位的不同而有所不同,但有一些基本主题几乎涵盖了所有职位,尤其是金融行业以外的职位。 该视频涵盖了构成金融分析师一天的 4 项关键活动。 💡 来自 JEN 的资源• 成为数据分析师电子书:• 成为业务分析师电子书:• Tableau 培训:• 像分析师一样思考培训:• 建立出色的简历:• 分析职业指导:• 免费分析职业测验:🧰 其他资源:工具*:DataCamp*:edx*:Coursera:💬 与我联系:#dataanalyst #finances #financialanalysis * 这是附属链接。 如果您在点击链接后决定购买,我将免费为您赚取佣金。 我只推广我调查过的产品,并认为它可以带来价值。

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What Does a Financial Analyst Do

What Does a Financial Analyst Do

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What Does a Financial Analyst Do
finance analyst
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33 thoughts on “What Does a Financial Analyst Do finance analyst”

  1. Helpful, thanks I also use one for trading and investments… Mr Benjamin H. Ravies he's a prolific investor and helped me earn. I am up £ 4k in profits for the month

  2. I majored in math in college and recently landed a job as a financial analyst. Haven't started yet but I've been watching videos on finance to at least sort of know what to expect. Your video was helpful! But I keep seeing rather vague things like "they look at the past to predict the future", "they analyze a lot of data", "they make reports", etc. and am hoping that my job isn't super overwhelming haha. We shall see

  3. Hello ! I'm going into my undergraduate studies and I was wondering if I could contact a financial analyst about part-time jobs and club opportunities that could be beneficial !

  4. That sounds very interesting and brilliant! Forex has been very profiting and lucrative to me making good returns from my investment under a certified trade consultant who oversees all trade actions on my behalf, his guide and mentorship are tremendously empowering. I’m glad I got to work with you Mr. Ray Perkins, you’re exceptional

  5. I'm preparing for CFA lv1 11.20211. I'll graduate "International Business with Finance ( topup)" course in Sheffield Hallam University. I want get an 1 – 2 year job in UK before back to my country. I wonder with my profile, I have any chance in this field in UK??? Thanks

  6. I have job interview for financial analysis next Monday it’s hard for me because I graduated 3 years ago from master of financial analysis and I worked as a self employed in different sector . Any advice for me. Thank you

  7. its been 4 seconds in the video and i already want to kill myself. i have chosen the wrong path in life and i am seriously starting to want to end it all. life is over, future salary shit, debt from degree, shit life.

  8. may I have a question. Do you think an Accountant / Financial Analyst would be better pursue a data analyst to learn or software developer?

  9. Can I Job as FP&A Analyst in USA or in Canada,
    I Completed US CMA From India and completed my Bachelor's for commerce, I also have 3 year experience under Chartered Account

  10. Hey Jen,

    Great video as always.

    I just watched you Remote Data Analyst video and wanted to enquire regarding working as a Data Analyst, but living abroad. I understand that it is almost impossible/unlikely to do this if you live in EU and work for USA. However, do you have any insight on whether it is possible to be employed in one EU country, i.e. UK and then live somewhere else in EU?

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Hi, what job roles could get to work a lot with analysing financial data? Because I’m currently an undergraduate and thinking of taking financial data analysis course in Uni

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