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Home » What Will Schools Look Like in the Future? technology and education

What Will Schools Look Like in the Future? technology and education

每个人都希望美国的教育系统做得更好。 前谷歌员工 Max Ventilla 对如何让它更像社交网络有一个激进的想法。 Ventilla 的 AltSchool 正在打造高度个性化的教育体验,随着越来越多的学生使用它,这种体验会变得更好、更便宜。 订阅:在十年内,AltSchool 可能不仅仅是建立了一些新学校,而是建立了一个所有人都可以加入的新学校系统。 你怎么看:这是学校的未来还是一个不会成功的想法? 请在评论中告诉我们您对教育改革的看法,并订阅 Freethink 以获取更多关于社会和技术变革前沿的视频…

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What Will Schools Look Like in the Future?

What Will Schools Look Like in the Future?

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What Will Schools Look Like in the Future?
technology and education
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29 thoughts on “What Will Schools Look Like in the Future? technology and education”

  1. As i watch this video i got to know tha Max Ventilla is no part of this startup, i really loved the concept of this kind of education but you know in the startup world is all about the right time to launch. I am sure what Max Ventilla said is going to be there not today but tomorrow for sure.

  2. hmmmmm lets break his down! the old system was designed for the industrial age a one size fits all, great for preparing kids for war and factory work(bomb making). This new improved system learns about the child and his likes and dislikes and tailors towards their desires and wants. This does sound like Aldous Huxleys brave new world just after we deal with this Convid 1984 first, coincidently a book pushed on us at school in the 70s. To quote Huxley in the future people will enjoy their enslavement, a prison without bars, just like brave new world and the movie Divergent, whereby upper eschelons will be considered Gods and lower classes will serve the Gods! The fourth reicht/empire/industrial revolution is here folks, the descedants of king charlemagne are running the show (trump, biden, royals in europe are all related and are of the bloodline of charlemagne)

  3. school systems need a software update. this update won't be as affordable for everyone unless people start trusting this type of ecosystem to drive the costs low. It definitely is a marathon; at what point is this a sustainable model after mile 3?

  4. Kids should be experiencing actual human decency, regardless of age, as a student myself ive seen so much and so little being done between myself and my friends, the school system is just messed up. We are not in the Victorian era, we dont need workers, we need innovative creators, we need people who are able to do what they like, we need people

  5. As a sped teacher I am trying to do this for my students but yet, I need the summer to prepare and time for this individual curriculum planning for each student.

  6. Students are NOT realistically prepared now from control over tech devise, focus on the job given, being responsible to being formulated on preparing them to help them find what it makes to keep track of their appointments and what it looks ike for them in self help skills, etc. Placing the cell phone by the door with the alarm to wake up on and then they won't look at it all night due to them not getting up because it is by the door in the bedroom.

  7. No, this won’t happen, the way things are going, the system will collapse before it gets to this. There were many many problems with the school system, with the pandemic, it magnified the problems and created more from the previous unresolved problems.

  8. Education is very important. I completely agree that everyone needs different education. Something else I think is important to know is that you can not make someone learn. If an individual refuses to learn, no amount of disciplinary action can help them as many schools commonly promote. There has never been a time where self-education was more achievable. Unfortunately, it is also very discouraged.

  9. It'd be possible that Altschool or Astra Nova having this method of teaching & learning reach countries of Latin America for example mine; Costa Rica? Or should someone in his/her respective country getting inspired & start this new methodology of education?

  10. I love this idea. However this would only be a reality if governments are willing to pay extra for good quality education. The only way for the education system to advance is by supplying more money for this type of education.

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